Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

14.3 % of American homes own a bird as a pet. However 88% of Americans love bird watching in their backyard. Most American find bird feeding a simple technique to unwind and they love doing it during weekends. However most bird watchers face frustration as they have squirrels, which eat up the seeds set up by the bird watchers. One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is to invest in a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. Below we have explained a few vital facts which you should know if you love bird watching.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

What is the relationship between squirrels and bird feeing?

When you share bird seeds like suet, nuts and the sunflower seeds which could be of black oil variety, you are also attracting squirrels who love eating the seeds which you have kept out for bird feeding. You would initially not mind the squirrels. However when you start understanding the fact that they have voracious appetites, you would be in a fix. Squirrels also tend to scare away birds who quite enjoy the feed you have left out for them. Squirrels would also tend to eat up the plastic or wooden feeders where you place the seeds for bird seeds. Thus they would become general nuisance and sometimes eat eggs of birds from their nests.

Strategies to employ where you squirrel proof a bird feeder

Apart from selecting a bird feeder which is squirrel proofed, you can also do the following things explained below-

•    Place bird feeders away from trees- Squirrels have amazing jumping capacity and they can jump over 10 meters. Thus you can place your bird feeders away from the trees. They can be placed in areas where the squirrels would find it difficult to reach. Placing a bird feeder in a metal pole which enjoys smooth surface and has over 6 feet height, would be a good idea.

•    Cages can be used- A bird feeder can be placed inside a large cage. This would allow small birds to fit in and the squirrels cannot get into the cage. This would also stop pigeons and starling from eating the bird seeds.

•    Adding metal baffles- You can add baffles made from metals and place them below and above the birdfeeders. The smooth metal baffles should be 15 inches in width and this would stop the squirrels from entering the bird feed area. Some of the baffles would also have a slight tilt. When the squirrel enters the area, the baffles tilts and this prevents the squirrel from eating the seeds.

•    Keep the bird feeder clean- Squirrels get attracted to seeds when they are lying on the ground. Thus it is essential that you keep the bird feeder clean and also remove any spilled seeds that are on the ground. This simple step would also prevent birds from eating seeds which are rotten.

•    Using spinners- When you want to do away with squirrels you can attach a thin horizontal wire to the spinners. You can create your own spinners by using a short length hose or a few soda bottles.

•    Specially designed feeders- If you need a new bird feeder, you can use a birdfeeder which is specially designed to keep off squirrels. Some bird feeders have doors in them which close once they feel the weight of a squirrel. Use bird feeders made of hard metals and this would prevent them for chewing it up.

•    Offer nyger seeds- Squirrels love sunflower seeds. When you offer birds with safflower and nyger seeds, you would notice that squirrels would not eat them.

•    Add spices- Like humans squirrels do not like spices like cayenne peppers. However birds do not feel the heat of the spices. Thus you can add a few cayenne peppers along with birdseeds. After some days you would notice that the squirrels have stopped eating the bird seeds.

You can contact wildlife control department and get them to set up traps which would remove them from your backyard. However you should never poison them intentionally.