Squirrel proof bird feeder: Review of the top rated birdfeeders

If you have a backyard, you would notice that you have gray squirrels visiting your backyard quite often and these squirrels would enjoy the free seed treat that you have left for your bird feeding. Squirrels are very proactive when they are hunting for food. In fact squirrels can chew up plastic and wooden parts of a bird feeder. Most bird feeders get frustrated and look for a squirrel proof bird feeder of good quality. Below we have reviewed the top rated ones.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Audubon-Natube 3

This is a bird feeder which is specially designed to prevent squirrels from eating the seeds placed for birds. The birdfeeder is specially designed like a cage. The inner area of the cage has the seed tube. The seed tube is made from plastic which makes it very durable in nature. The Audubon-Natube 3 can have seed capacity of one quart. Here you have to understand large birds will not be able to feed here and thus the smaller birds like finches would comfortably feed on the seeds with relish. The Audubon Natube 3 has an attractive color and it blends well into the backyard easily.

•    Customers loved- Most customers using the Audubon- Natube 3 loved the fact that it prevented squirrels from entering the birdcage and prevented it from eating the bird seed. They also loved the eco-friendly green color and the fact that one quart of seed could be added in the birdfeeder.

•    Area of improvement- Customers noticed that small squirrels or chipmunks were able t enter the bird feeder and eat the bird seeds. Some squirrels were also able to chew the top area and eat the free seeds.

Birdscapes -735

The Birdscapes –735 enjoys an attractive design with features like the metal head. It also has a barrier which is diamond shaped and then there is the plastic seed tube which is shatterproof in nature. The barrier which is diamond shaped prevents the squirrel from entering the birdfeeder. The Birdscapes -735 is a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder which can store bird seeds up to 3 pounds and thus you do not need to refill it.

•    Customers loved- Most customers loved the fact that the Birdscapes -735 was affordable and it also sported an attractive design. The Birdscapes -735 was great for small birds and the 3 pounds seed capacity allowed you to refill the seeds on a weekly basis.

•    Area of improvement- Larger birds could access seeds in the Birdscapes -735, when the seeds fell over the bottom tray only. Birds would take time and then get accustomed to feed on it.

Brome 1024-Squirrel Buster

As the name suggests this is a birdfeeder which has feeding stations which would close if a squirrel climbs over it. There are six stations for feeding and each station’s length can be increased or decreased. There is also good ventilation set up and this prevents seeds from getting wet.

•    Customers loved- They love the construction of the bird feeder and its ventilation. It was also easy to maintain and could be washed in a dish washer.

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